Weekly Option Spreads Masterclass

Weekly Option Spreads Masterclass

SPX W.O.R. System

The origin of the 3-Principle method - this masterclass shows you how to trade SPX weekly option spreads with incredible results. 

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Part 1 : Chapters

  • Strategy Origin
  • Conclusions & Testing
  • Quick Trade Examples
  • 3-Principle Method (quick review)
  • P1: Regression Channels
  • P2: Measured Moves
  • P3: Fibonacci Extensions

Part 2 : Chapters

  • Bull Put Spread
  • Bear Call Spreads
  • Optimal Weekly Spread
  • SPX Trading Rules
  • Proper Trade Size

Part 3: Chapters

  • SPX Entry 2 Exit Walk-Through
  • Finding - Bull Put Trade
  • Entering - Bull Put Spread
  • Exiting - Bull Put Spread
  • Finding  - Bear Call Trade
  • Entering - Bear Call Spread
  • Exiting - Bear Call Spread
  • Calculating Expected Returns

The main Pillar of my trading framework

What You'll Discover in this 3-Part Masterclass:

Laser Focused

This masterclass will show you exactly how I use the 3-Principle method to trade weekly option spreads on the exclusively on the SPX index.  This system had 19 straight winners in 2017' - 18

Account size flexibility

If your just starting out and want less risk all you have to do is take the strategies and apply them to the SPY, the cheaper (but more liquid!) version of the SPX.

Shortest Time Frame

This is the shortest time frame I trade and for good reason volume.  This system produced 134 trades over 3.2 years with a return of 317.4% over that period. 

Evergreen Content

Pay Once and your a masterclass member for life (or as long as you want to be). I've added comment sections and want to hear from you. Let me know what you loved, sticking points, or how you plan on using the system within your own trading framework.  I'll be adding supporting material , live trade examples, and bonus content as the masterclass matures.  But I need you!

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“Just made 134% in my SPX Bear Call.  Exited at the Fib level. You are the man! ”

John S.


”Your weekly option strategy is very exact and it’s fun to close out many profits above 100%!"

Brett K.

Store owner

“Just made 134% in my SPX Bear Call.  Exited at the Fib level. You are the man! ”

Harry H.


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