Weekly Option Spreads Masterclass:  Part 3

  • FOCUS: Weekly Spread Trades 
  • DURATION: 13:12 min

Weekly Option Spreads Masterclass 

?Author: Dale Brethauer    Module 3


Finally we'll wrap this masterclass up by walking you through the If-Then Entry to Exit Worksheet then going through real executed trades step-by-step.  

An important part of setting up your goals is being able to calculate the expected returns from any given system and that how we finish up.

I really hope you've got a great understanding of the system I've laid out here.  More importantly, I'd like to know what you think, if there were sticking points, or something you'd like me to elaborate more on.  please use the comments section below to do just that I'd really appreciate it.  These masterclasses are kind of "living documents" in that I'll be adding videos, lessons, and more over time.  I'll let you know via email when I add anything new!

- Dale

Discussion on Weekly Option Spreads: Part 3

Have questions or comments?  I'll either answer directly or add content to this masterclass as it matures.  A lot of already answered questions can be found in the "Quick Lessons" & "Live Trade Analysis" found in the members homepage.