Trading Courses

Create your Trading Business Plan

This three part course will guide you through the process of creating your Trading Business Plan.  Jack Schwager found that this was a common practice among the successful traders he interviewed in his industry renowned book “Market Wizards” and now its time for you to join the fold.  This was also the first thing I did before I began trading and was integral on my path to financial freedom.

3 Modules

The Reality of Trading Earnings with Options

This course examines if an edge can be found trading earnings season with options.  Back-testing was performed on three specific strategies the Short Strangle, Iron Condor, and Long Straddle.

2 Modules

Hedging a Portfolio with Options

“Hedging Your Portfolio with Options” begins by looking at what hedging a portfolio means and its goals. Learn how to use E.T.F. protective put options to capitalize on sell-offs and cover your portfolios hard earned gains.

2 Modules

Hedging Your Portfolio with Options: Part 1

Part 1 of this course on how to hedge your portfolio with options begins by looking at what hedging a portfolio means and its goals. The lesson will cover how to use put options during times of drawdown to protect your current gains, when to hedge using Fibonacci ribbons and measured moves, and when to exit using Fibonacci extensions.

Hedging Your Portfolio with Options: Part 2

In Part 2 of my “Hedging Your Portfolio with Options” course, we’re going to cover which option strike and expiration you want to choose for your hedge, and how to cover your portfolio using the appropriate E.T.F. (Exchange Traded Fund)

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