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Dale Brethauer

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From: The Desk of Dale Brethauer
Date: June 2018

Dear Fellow Market Participant,

If you want to win consistently with a method to successfully trade any market, or you simply don’t want to empty another bottle of Tums…then this will be the most important trading course you’ll ever take.

"The Ultimate Guide to Entries and Exits"

The Ultimate Guide & Blueprint

Bonus:  The 3-Principle Method of Trading: Blueprint

First of all, this is unlike any other trading course you’ve ever taken.  It has taken me decades to strip away all the unnecessary B.S. – leaving a laser-focused system that has proven to make money in any market with a ticker.  Even better, this principled methodology has the power to make you a profitable trader today.

If you had a chance to read "my story" then you already know that my first foray into trading was more like a kick in the a** than a warm embrace – BUT – that kick lead me to trader/mentor Dr. Van K. Tharp and he literally gave me the “aha moment” I needed to elevate from account “pyro” –  to the point where people where literally begging me to trade their money for them. What I learned from that “aha moment” has been synthesized and battle-tested into my Principled Trading Methodology.

In “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ENTRIES AND EXITS” you’ll learn my 3-Principle method of entries and exits which includes:


Using a slightly modified technical indicator trusted by Hedge Fund Owners and Investment Banks alike, I’ll show you how pulling the trigger with a 95% chance of price moving in your direction of breaking-even is commonplace.


With an opportunity recognized,  I wait for price to make a little known but extremely powerful step and once it does, I don’t think twice about pulling the trigger. 


Now this might blow your mind but that little known step price needs to make for our entry…is also how I know my exit points BEFORE price gets there.  This is also why in my membership I don't need to give real-time alerts…I’ll send it to you THE NIGHT BEFORE.


This is for People Serious about Making Money!

 I’m a light-hearted guy, some may even say I’m a “softy”, but when it comes to making money trading I’m dead serious and you should be too.

If you want to create a second income, grow your wealth, or retire early then this course is for you!

“The Ultimate Guide to Entries and Exits” is specifically designed so:


You’ll Win More Trades with Zero Anxiety!

Each step in my Principled Trading Method has been executed (and built upon) by thousands of my students in live market conditions with exceptional results. Here’s how I know this for a fact:

Before Today,  through an open dialogue, and randomized survey with my students current and “graduated” I asked:  “Of all of the strategies and methods you’ve you learned, which had the biggest impact on your trading?”

I got hundreds of responses.  As I went through them trends started to emerge.  Members said the same handful of techniques and principles really moved the needle – the ones that produced almost instantaneous improvement – and that’s what has become “The Ultimate Guide to Entries and Exits”.


Here’s why I’m giving you this course for just $3…

If you don’t know me, or have not had a chance to check out “my story”,  my name is Dale Brethauer and I founded Options Infinity after trading allowed me to retire early from my corporate gig at DuPont. I traded my own hedge fund and now I’m in the giving back stage of my journey while getting to do my favorite thing which is teach others.

There are two reasons I’m giving you this course for just $3.  

The most important one is that I genuinely want you to have the same type of financial freedom that I’ve experienced, so that one day YOU might pass on your knowledge to kids or grand kids or even better complete strangers. It’s why I do what I do.  

So in case you’re not familiar with my work I wanted to make this an easy decision for you.  and $3 is about the price of the coffee I like to get when touring on my Harley Davidson Super Glide “Trike”.


There is no Catch!  

I realize this is very inexpensive so you might be wondering what the “catch” is.

There is no catch.  I’m literally giving you 30 years of trading in a can as a way of “putting my best foot forward”.

My hope (reason number 2) is you’ll love “The Ultimate Guide to Entries and Exits” and consider taking some of my other courses or watching me trade these exact principles live as a member.

With that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:


You need to act now!

At the very least you should pull the trigger on “The Ultimate Guide to Entries and Exits” because this gets you access to my other courses and even the membership at a considerable discount if you decide you’d like to take that next step.


Here’s What To Do Next…

Scroll down to the bottom of this page, click the big green “Get The Ultimate Guide to Entries and Exits for $3!” button, and place your order.

As soon as you do you’ll be logged into the members portal where “The Ultimate Guide to Entries and Exits” Lives.


I 100% Guarantee You’ll Love This

 Here’s the deal:  I guarantee you’ll find “The Ultimate Guide to Entries and Exits” exceptionally valuable, but if you don’t, I’ll return your $3 and let you keep it and any bonus material that I make for it in the future.  That’s how confident I am that you’ll love this stuff.