Quick Lessons

My Chart Setup

The 3-Principle Method Setup.  

Option Basics

If you're new to the world of options, well, the options are endless.  Let me shrink that world for you.

Spreads Vs. Calls & Puts

 A deeper look at why I stopped swinging for the fences and somehow started making WAY more money.

Vertical Credit Spreads

Strategy:  3-Principle Method

Time Frame: LEAP Option Spread (New)

Timing the Exit

Strategy extension: 3-Principle Method

Hedging a Portfolio

Whether is "the great sideways" or a global hailstorm this is how you can protect your life savings for pennies on the dollar.

2019 Financially Strong Stocks

The only metric that matters when looking at company health THAT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT.  Maybe its not sexy enough for CNBC but it can make you rich.

The Trader Mind

This is 90% of the game and I'm not talking about "staying calm" in a absurd trade.  This is about preparation, practice, and everything you need to trade well...for a lifetime.

Modeling Expectations

I get it, everyone wants to be "trader commercial" on "his/her" G6 Jet.   You're smarter than that and I know it.  This is a way to set future goals of success that COMPOUND leading to wealth.

Measured Moves/5-8 Day EMA

Looking into this beautiful relationship that I know will peak your interest.