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High Probability Trades on a slower Time Frame

This system deals with only monthly spreads on my “core 5” equity indexes. If you want to learn how to create a steady income for yourself or to grow your account, Option PRO is for you.


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Average Hold Time (days)

Percent Winning Trades


Membership Features

We are constantly adding new features to our memberships, here’s whats included

Full System Course

4 Modules

This Comprehensive Video Course will guide you seamlessly from introduction to application of this easy to learn system.

Trading Session Review

Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday

Dale posts a informative trading session review after market close Tuesday and Thursday that focuses on any alerted opening, open, and closing trades including ongoing system education, then a special “The Trading Week ahead” Video on Sunday.

Real Time Text & Email Alerts

We’ve got you covered

We understand that most of our members are not full time traders, so we send alerts straight your device even thought most potential entries are covered the night before in the trading session review.

Monthly Live Meetups

3rd Tuesday/Month @ 12:00 P.M. E.S.T.

Dale hosts a once a month live meetup where you can ask questions and connect with our community.  New members are introduced to the group before we start then we get to the good stuff.  Access recordings in the members section.

Thoughts from Members

Please excuse spelling/grammar mistakes these testimonials have not been augmented.

“In your Q&A webinars, I’m reminded how fortuitous it was for me to have chosen you as my mentors. You and your trading strategies are precisely what I needed to make the cogs line up and the door to open. I’m feeling consistently more confident in applying the discipline needed to make wise and profitable trading decisions. I was able to climb aboard the latest RUT credit spread with profits of $2,400+.  Thank You.”

Paul H.


“Applying your unique use of commonly available chart indicators, I have been able to avoid many  bad trades.  I review trade recommendations by various trade services.  Based on Dale’s use of indicators, their recommendations are generally 95% wrong.  Their recommendations are ready to go in the opposite direction of where they are predicting. This alone makes Dale’s teachings invaluable.”

Rob D.


“The profits from Dale’s strategies keep coming.  It’s an ongoing income source and a welcome bit of security.  There are a lot of charlatans out there.  But you can trust Dale.  I know that to be true.  He is a totally honest guy who comes through 100%.”

Bill W.

Retired Minister

“I’m a long time subscriber/follower of yours.  One of your original mentees but I work during the day so your new service Option Pro really appealed to me with the text and email alerts as I cannot watch the market during the day.”

Rudy R.

Corporate Executive

+ 4-Part Option PRO System Course

+ Opening Open & Closed Positions List

+ Real Time Trade Text Alerts

+ Daily Session Review Video

+ Once a month Live Sessions with Dale

+ Live & Daily Session Recordings Archive

+ 4-Part E.T.F. Hedge Course Videos New*

+ Real-Time Hedge Alerts New*

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