With a streak of 11 profitable trades in a row this systems results speak for themselves.. Combine it with cutting edge features and text and email alerts and you’ll understand why this program is has had members for over 6 years.

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All Closed Trades with Real-Time alert stamps

EntryTickerPositionEntry (credit)ExitCurrent/Exit $%P/L (of credit)
9/7$RUT20 Oct 1480/1470c//
$1.90 (C)9/20$.2090%
9/1$SPX27 Sep 2420/2410p$0.95 (C)9/18$0.10 (D)85%
8/31$GOOGL29 Sep 910/900p$0.90 (C)9/20$0.30 (D)60%
8/30$RUT22 Sep 1320/1310p$0.95 (C)9/8$0.30 (D)65%
8/3$RUT15 Sep 1500/1490c//
$1.70 (C)8/22$2.38 (D)(68%)
7/19$SPX18 Aug 2410/2400p$1.05 (C)8/16$0.05 (D)100%
7/7$RUT18 Aug 1500/1490c//
$1.63 (C)7/26$0.70 (D)93%
6/26$PCLN21 Jul 1800/1790p$1.05 (C)7/7$0.28 (D)77%
6/12$AMZN21 Jul 1060/1050c$1.25 (C)7/5$0.17 (D)108%
6/12$GOOGL21 Jul 1040/1030c$1.45 (C)6/28$0.20 (D)125%
6/8$RUT21 Jul 1490/1480c//
$1.68 (C)6/20$0.68 (D)100%


System Stats


Average Return/Trade


Actual 105.1%

Average Hold Time (days)

Percent Winning Trades


Option PRO Nightly Trading Session Review

4 – Part Credit Spread System Mastery Course

From Chart setup to technical
chart analysis, this course guides
you seamlessly through our strategies.

Option PRO Trading Session Review

Nightly Trading Session Reviews.

Open, opening & closing trade
analysis with ongoing system

Real Time TEXT &
Email Alerts.

Open, opening and closing trades
alerted via text and email right
to your mobile device.

Option PRO Program Text and Email Trade Alerts
SPX Weekly Options Regression Computer Learning example

Once a month Live Q&A Sessions with Dale

The Option PRO Program live Q&A webinar are held the Third Tuesday of every month, the recordings will be available directly after.

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