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Weekly Option Spreads - Masterclass

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Quick Overview:

This masterclass, based on my famed SPX W.O.R. (Weekly Options Regression) system, is essentially the birthplace of my 3-Principle Method and had an astounding 19 winning trades in a row in 2017-18.  I was also one of my most popular stand-alone memberships but, and this is great news for you, now has been combined with my other Monthly Option Spread System into 1 membership with Day-Before-Trade email alerts.  You'll essentially be taking what you've learned in the Entry to Exit Masterclass and applying it deploying weekly option spreads exclusively on the SPX (S&P 500) index.  This system alone can double up your account with the right time horizon.

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Masterclass - Part 1

I'm all about developing people into the best traders they can be.  Thats why this masterclass begins with me explaining my methodology in creating this system and what I needed to do to test it out. 

We'll then move onto the key tenants of my 3-Principle Method as they apply to trading the SPX using weekly option spreads. 

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Masterclass - Part 2

Now that we have a solid foundation in this strategies origin and how it works, I'm going to dig deeper by showing you the vertical spreads I use and how I pick the right vertical when we're ready to enter a trade.

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Masterclass - Part 3

Now for the (money making) fun stuff!  I wrap this masterclass up by walking you through the If-Then Entry to Exit Worksheet then going through real executed trades step-by-step.  

I really hope you've got a great understanding of the system I've laid out here.  More importantly, I'd like to know what you think, if there were sticking points, or something you'd like me to elaborate more on.  please use the comments section below to do just that I'd really appreciate it.  These masterclasses are kind of "living documents" in that I'll be adding videos, lessons, and more over time.  I'll let you know via email when I add anything new!

All the Best  - Dale