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Monthly Option Spreads - Masterclass

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Quick Overview:

This system was my bread and butter as a hedge fund owner and now it can be yours too. If you want a low maintenance - income generating system that I literally spend 10 minutes on a day, then the Monthly Options Masterclass is for you.  Like the Weekly Options Masterclass (based on my SPX W.O.R.) system, this system was once its own stand-alone membership with alerts but now has been combined into one membership with Day-Before-Trade email alerts.  Check it out, I'm positive you'll be impressed with its stats and what it can do for your returns.  See you on the other side!

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Masterclass - Part 1

I kick this masterclass off by outlining why I love this system so much - namely- its exceptionally low maintenance set it and forget it nature.  There's something about riding my Harley-Davidson while theta decay is bringing money into my account that just makes life great, let's get started!

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Masterclass - Part 2

In Part 2 of this masterclass we're going to set the stage for executing trades by outlining essential rules for entering and exiting trades that takes us (and our primordial brains) out of the picture.  Following a defined set of rules is something I learned from mentor Dr. Van K. Tharp and was the pivotal turning point in my trading career.  Check out "my story" for more on that.

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Masterclass - Part 3

My masterclasses all end the same way, which is to tie this system to real trades that I've executed in a step-by-step entry to exit format,  then we'll conclude with how to calculate expected returns as they apply to this system which is now apart of my "all- in-one" monthly membership.  

If you have read "my story", you'll understand I'm in the giving back stage of my life and that is why I do this (besides the fact that I absolutely love it and teaching it).  Please help me make this masterclass better, more clear, or just day whats up through the comments section below (I read ALL of them).  The masterclasses are "living documents" in that I'll be adding more to them as time goes by and when I do I'll contact you via email and let you know.  

All the Best! - Dale