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$AMZN Monthly Bull Put Spread - 4/10/19 to 4/18/19

Entry to Exit Walk-through of an $AMZN Monthly Bull Put Spread.

$AMZN Monthly Bull Put Spread - 3/18/19 to 3/29/19

Entry to Exit Analysis of an $AMZN Monthly Bull Put Spread.

$SPX Weekly Bear Call Spread - 2/27/19 to 3/6/19

Entry to Exit walk-through of an $SPX Weekly Bull Put Trade.

  • I have been trading bull puts and bear calls for a while 65 trsdes all winners { using AI } i would like to try your weeklys with SPX to learn your system. I met 2 guys from Texas they do very well 4-5 k$ a week and after 10-20 years said only thing they trade is SPX in &out 2-3 days showed me this last years log only 1 loss in 18 mos.

  • Hi Thomas, great to connect! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this glowing testimonial. For me there is no better feeling than when someone really gets it. I have no doubt that you will be a successful trader if you keep that attitude and discipline.

  • Thanks Dale, I really like your conservative approach! I’m very excited to add FOREX to my portfolio. I’ve purchased many subscriptions over my 5 year investing career and I must say that you’re “The Real Deal”. I liked how you laid out your powerful strategy clearly with numerous examples to help me understand that it is possible to become a profitable trader if you follow the rules. After watching your MasterClass videos I’m pumped to start putting your system to use by paper trading first. Lastly, I don’t say this about all the mentors that I’ve had in the past, but I want to tell you that you give me HOPE in knowing that I can succeed in trading!!!

  • Hi Dale ,
    New member here.
    Just finished the entry to exit both 3 parts.
    Great stuff. Learnt quite a bit. Thanks

  • Hey Gerald, This is the second time that someone has thought the entry to exit masterclass is some kind of membership. It’s not, all the course’s and masterclasses are a one-time purchase the only “product” that recurs in the membership which is currently full ($99/month). I’ll tell my website dudes to get their act together lol. Thanks Gerald

  • Hi Peter, I had not thought of that before but let me see what I can do. do you mean the slides for the presentation? Thanks so much for the feedback.

  • Mathias my man! What I did was combine the 2 separate memberships (SPX W.O.R. and Option PRO) in to 1 succinct membership where I’ll be emailing price zone alerts the night before they happen instead of texting in real-time. People have really seemed to like it so far.

  • Hello Dale! I m back in trading options after using my capital for smthg els for 1,5 years and just as i wanted to subscribe to the spx w.o.r. program i found you had taken it off…!? I m glad to see a new program from you and it looks like you want to go further into teaching a method and strucures than providing consumable trade recommendations ? I always found your approaches were amazing! i m very excited. best , mathias

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