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The newest Asset Class to have my 3-Principle Method applied to it and all I have to say is I wish I traded FOREX earlier.  The entry and exit system you've learned so much about absolutely eats this highly liquid, technically driven market for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The only difference here is there is no on and off switch, this is a 24-hour a day market.  Wait till you see the calculated results..Let's jump in!

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Masterclass - Part 1

When I say the 3-Principle Method of trading can "Unlock profits from any market" I mean it.  To get us going I'll cover what Forex is and the advantages of trading Forex like a business.  Then i'll show you why I've isolated the USD/JPY currency pair as a target for our system and why its the pair that I'll be covering in the membership.  I'm sure you're excited to get going so let's dive in!


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Masterclass - Part 2

In Part 2 I'll reinforce the 3-Principle Method in the context of currency pairs with a quick trade overview.  By now you should be able to teach your next door neighbor this method but I'll leave that up to you (wink).  

I'll wrap it up by showing you how I setup everything necessary to execute the 3-Principle Method in your charts before we get to part 3 were the real fun begins. 

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Masterclass - Part 3

Now it's time to let the rubber hit the road in this masterclass!  I'm going to Examine two trades in my customary Find the trade - Enter the trade- Exit the trade format.  Then I'll wrap up with a important segment on finding an edge that I hope may inspire you to take this method even further.

Speaking of that, I really would like you to start a dialogue with me about this Masterclass in the comments section.  I'm only one man so I don't get to respond to every comment but I do read ALL of them.  Let me know what you liked, areas that I should expand on more, or anything really.  These Masterclasses are "living documents" that I will update and add content to over time.  When I do I'll email you and let you know who knows if you bring up something really cool you'll probably get a shout out unless you tell me otherwise!

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