Monthly Option Spreads Masterclass

Monthly Option Spreads Masterclass

The Bread and Butter

The origin of the 3-Principle method - this masterclass shows you how to trade SPX weekly option spreads with incredible results. 

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Part 1 : Chapters

  • Strategy Benefits & Power
  • Option Terms Reference
  • What I Trade
  • Indicator Overview
  • P1: Regression Channels
  • P2: Measured Moves
  • P3: Fibonacci Extensions

Part 2 : Chapters

  • Vertical Spread: BP
  • Vertical Spread: BC
  • Trading Rules: Step 1
  • Trading Rules: Step 2
  • Trading Rules: Step 3
  • Trading Rules: Step 4
  • Trading Rules: Step 5
  • Trade Size

Part 3: Chapters

  • Finding the Trade
  • $GOOGL Monthly Spread
  • Entering the Spread
  • Exiting the Spread
  • Finding the Trade
  • $RUT Monthly Spread
  • Entering the Spread
  • Exiting the Spread
  • Expected Returns

The Bread and Butter of my trading framework.

I call this strategy my bread and butter because it brought in a stable almost "boring" amount of returns while running the hedge fund.  Boring is GREAT! it means your finally trading at a professional level.  Go to a Casino if you want "Excitement" this game we're the house... and the house always wins.

What You'll Discover in this 3-Part Masterclass:


This masterclass focuses on deploying income generating monthly spreads on my "CORE 4":

  • SPX 
  • Russell 2000
  • Google
  • Amazon

Diversify your Time-Frames

I'm sure that you've heard about diversifying your portfolio, but what about your trading account.  Trading in different time frames is something I learned from an well known, almost famous trader and it has paid BIG dividends.

Set-it & Forget-it

The longer time frame of the monthly spreads means a larger price spread and minimal time spent managing the trade.   

Evergreen Content

Pay Once and your a masterclass member for life (or as long as you want to be). I've added comment sections and want to hear from you. Let me know what you loved, sticking points, or how you plan on using the system within your own trading framework.  I'll be adding supporting material , live trade examples, and bonus content as the masterclass matures.  But I need you!

What members are saying:

" Credit spreads allow me to make $ with little concern..."

I am excited about this new system of trading.  Credit Spreads are all I do.  As a member, I use the research and insight you provide to make my spread trades.  I love the RUT and since February, it is all I trade.  Using the additional "Big Boys" as you say will help me out greatly. 

The reason I do credit spreads is just as you stated, "Low Anxiety" and I do not have to constantly watch the market.  I work 50+ hours a week and have no time to constantly watch the market.  Credit spreads allow me to make $ with little concern.

- Jason L. 

It gets Better...

  • 3-Part Masterclass
  • Masterclass Updates 
  • Bonus Material (I'll let you know)
  • Ask me questions 

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