Monthly Option Spreads Masterclass:  Part 2

  • FOCUS:  Trading Strategy Rules 
  • DURATION: 18:05 min

Monthly Option Spreads Masterclass 

?Author: Dale Brethauer    Module 2


In Part 2,  we're going to set the stage for executing trades by outlining essential rules for entering and exiting trades that takes us (and our primordial brains) out of the picture.  Following a defined set of rules is something I learned from mentor Dr. Van K. Tharp and was the pivotal turning point in my trading career.  Check out "my story" for more on that.

Discussion on Monthly Spreads: Part 2

Have questions or comments?  I'll either answer directly or add content to this masterclass as it matures.  A lot of already answered questions can be found in the "Quick Lessons" & "Live Trade Analysis" found in the members homepage.