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Dale Brethauer - Head Trader and Option Trading Mentor

Next course of actions:


Step 1 - New Members Dashboard

Fantastic ! I've sent you an additional on-boarding email that will help to in the transition. But there are some important things to know so let's get through them.


You'll notice that the members dashboard has changed, what you'll find is a large video player that has all the trading session reviews and live meetup recordings loaded into it.


Below that is the entire position list dating back about a year.  Positions that are open don't have a closing date or profit/loss designation.


Step 2 - System Mastery

Go through all of the Masterclasses you just unlocked.  Each one reinforces the method I use then gets into fine detail about each discipline (weekly spreads, monthly spreads, and Forex).  

You don't need to trade all of them I would start with weeklies >> then monthlies >> then Forex if its within your trading framework.


Step 3 - Review the archive

Once you've gone through the masterclasses look at the archived trading session reviews and live meetups.  This is were the rubber hits the road and you'll get a better understanding of how I deploy this system.


Step 4 - Don't Pull the trigger until you're ready 

Watch how I'm trading through the real-time text and email alerts.


Step 5 - Communicate

Let me know if you have questions and where your stuck.  Their are comment sections in all the masterclasses and below the position list, right me something and I'll cover it the next time I record something.

Sometimes I may wait if multiple members have the same question and I want to build or add something to the membership.

That's it , I'm excited you're on-board and I'm excited to duplicate the returns we saw in 2018!

1. Payment  Success!

2. SMS Success!

3. Meetup Success!

4. Next Steps