Learning Path to Mastery

You can purchase these courses one by one, my recommended path is top to bottom

Ultimate Guide to Entries and Exits

System and methodology on-boarding

The Ultimate Guide is a complete overview of the 3-Principle Method of Trading I've created over a 30 year career of trading the markets including my own hedge fund.  

This is the Ultimate starting point if you want to learn a entry to exit system that had 19 straight winners on the SPX index alone in 2018.

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Entry to Exit Masterclass

Entry to Exit Masterclass


If the Ultimate Guide is a full scale - blueprint of the house your about to build... The Entry to Exit Masterclass is the Mansion of your dreams.

This 3-Part Masterclass lets the rubber hit the road and has entire sections devoted to setting up this framework in your trading platform (I use Thinkorswim), precise execution rules and entry to exit trade breakdowns.

There is zero doubt in my mind that you could execute this system flawlessly with just The Ultimate Guide and this Masterclass.

Weekly Option Spreads Masterclass


This 3-Part Masterclass is a remastered version of the course videos for my famed SPX W.O.R. (Weekly Option Regression) system which had 19 straight wins in 2018.

It's also the birthplace of the 3-Principle Method of Trading.  If you want all your energy poured into one system and one asset class this is a perfect way to do it.  

Monthly Option Spreads Masterclass

Monthly Option Spreads



Just like the SPX W.O.R. system above, these are remastered course videos from my Option PRO Membership Where I trade Directional spreads and Iron Condors on the $SPX, $RUT, $GOOGL, and $AMZN.  

Again the 3-Principle Method guides our trades here but I'll show you the exact "zoom out" time frames to I use for the longer life option spreads.  

This system is the bread and butter of my trading framework.

Forex Masterclass

FOREX Masterclass


A brand new addition to the Options Infinity trading Framework.  The success of the 3-Principle Method got me thinking...is there anything this system doesn't eat for lunch??

So I applied it to the most liquid market in the world and the results astonished me.  

If you want 24-7 markets in your trading business plan than this masterclass should be your first stop.

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