March 8

Japanese Candlesticks | Price Action Visualized


Japanese Candlesticks | Price Action Visualized

Candlestick Formations

By, Dale Brethauer

In this lesson I will discuss Candlestick Formations as a tool to enhance your currently used indicators.  This information was gained by reading “Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques”, by Steve Nison. Steve was the first to reveal the startling power of candlestick charts to the Western hemisphere.  He is acknowledged as the leading authority on the subject.

I will review four powerful reversal formation and show how they may be used on my Think or Swim chart.

Candlestick charts are:

  • Easy to understand,
  • Provide earlier indications of market turns,
  • Furnish unique market insight,
  • Enhance Western charting analysis, and
  • Will increase efficiency of your analysis.

Free Candlestick Resources

Stockcharts - Introduction to Candlesticks

Steve Nisons Personal Site (Free/Paid)

Steve Nison's Candle Charts Website

If you have any questions please go to the website, click on contact in the upper right hand corner, and send us a message.

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Options Infinity Founder and Mentor. Creator of the 3-Principle Method and avid Harley Davidson enthusiast.

Dale Brethauer

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