Entry to Exit Masterclass

Entry to Exit Masterclass

Master the 3-Principle Method

I've trade this system right now on multiple trading vehicles and it hovers above the rest with an approximate win rate of 76%.

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  • Masterclass Overview
  • Module Overview
  • 3-Principle Method
  • P1: Regression Channels
  • P2: Measured Moves
  • P3: Fibonacci Extensions
  • Entry 2 Exit Walk-through
  • Trade Size
  • Calculating Expected Returns
  • Bench-marking Concepts
  • Trade Examples 
  • Chart Setup
  • Candlesticks
  • Regression Channels
  • Measured Moves
  • Fibonacci Extensions
  • Bull Put Spreads
  • Bear Call Spreads
  • Optimal Time Frames
  • Principles Applied
  • What I trade
  • E2E Walk-through
  • Finding the Trade - SPX
  • Entering the Trade - SPX 
  • Exiting the Trade - SPX
  • Finding the Trade - Stock
  • Entering the Trade - Stock
  • Exiting the Trade - Stock
  • Look at Real-Time

The Fastest Way to Profitable Trading.

There is definitely a "I'm smart, I'm going to figure this trading thing out and be better than everyone else all by myself" syndrome when you first start trading, or at least that's how it went for me.  It took me a couple blown up accounts and marginal success before I found my "god send" mentor who clarified that I needed a system that took me (and my primitive emotions) out of the equation. Next thing you know people are begging me to manage their money and I start my own hedge fund.  What I've done is attempt to package all 30 years of trading experience into a set of Masterclasses that shows you the entire framework of trading profitably and at a professional level.

What You'll Discover in this 3-Part Masterclass:

The Edge

The 3-Principle Method gets you in trades with a high probability of success.  I trade this system right now (membership) in multiple markets an approximate win rate of 76%.


Each Principle in the 3-Principle Method builds on the next, that means you'll know when your getting out of a trade as you get in... it's a beautiful thing.

Credit Spreads 

The trading vehicle you set the 3-Principle Method loose on is up to you, but I'll show you how I use option credit spreads to add yet another advantage - Time Decay.  

Evergreen Content

Pay Once and your a masterclass member for life (or as long as you want to be). I've added comment sections and want to hear from you. Let me know what you loved, sticking points, or how you plan on using the system within your own trading framework.  I'll be adding supporting material , live trade examples, and bonus content as the masterclass matures.  But I need you!

What members are saying:

"have not seen anything as successful as your strategy..."

“I have only been using your trades on the SPX for a few weeks and they are fantastic. I have been losing money trading for about ten years, tried different services and have not seen anything as successful as your strategy.”

- Ed Z.  (Lawyer)

"Credit spreads allow me to make $ with little concern..."

”I am excited about this new system of trading.  Credit Spreads are all I do.  As a member, I use the research and insight you provide to make my spread trades.  I love the RUT and since February, it is all I trade.  Using the additional "Big Boys" as you say will help me out greatly.

The reason I do credit spreads is just as you stated, "Low Anxiety" and I do not have to constantly watch the market.  I work 50+ hours a week and have no time to constantly watch the market.  Credit spreads allow me to make $ with little concern.”

- Jason L.  

It gets Better...

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