You can see these video blog articles through the front end of the website by why not make them available here as well. I’ll throw a few “members only” articles in here that reinforce the foundational education found in the learning center.

Japanese Candlesticks | Price Action Visualized

In this lesson I will discuss Candlestick Formations, this information was gained by reading “Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques”, by Steve Nison. Steve was the first to reveal the startling power of candlestick charts to the Western hemisphere. He is acknowledged as the leading authority on the subject.

Trading Economic News

In this lesson I will discuss how you may profit from economic news, specifically the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meetings.  Other economic news that sometimes effects the markets are the unemployment report that is released the first Friday of every month.

Winning Capital Allocation

In this video lesson I’ll show you the importance of proper capital allocation per trade and also an easy to use equation that puts you right in the “sweet spot”.

Peak Performance Trading

Peak Performance Trading goes beyond simple entries and exits, and prepares you for the mental game of trading where the real money is made.

8 Winning Concepts of Super Traders

My interpretations from Jack Schwagers presentation on the congruent aspects of “super” traders. This quick video lesson highlights the top 8 winning concepts from that interview.

Trading the Iron Condor

Today’s lesson is entitled ‘Trading the Iron Condor’. I’m not only going to talk about how to trade the iron condor but how to set it up and how to mitigate risks.

Credit Spreads Demystified

Today’s lesson is entitled “Credit Spreads Demystified”. Credit spreads are one of the best option trading strategies that I use. What I will do is to explain the difference between a bear call and a bull put, how you set them up, and how you can profit from them.

Which is Better: Buying or Selling Options?

Today’s lesson is entitled, “Which is Better: To be a Buyer or Seller of Options?” Both have advantages and disadvantages. What I want to do in this webinar is go over the advantages and disadvantages of both and let you decide what makes sense for you.