Ex-Hedge Fund Owner  -  Award Winning Teacher/Mentor

Work 1-on-1 with Dale

"I absolutely love teaching and 1-on-1 is as pure as it gets.  I've built the membership to feel as much like a personal mentorship as possible, but if you want to work with me specifically on your goals as a trader I've created a simply way to do that and here it is."  

The Process


Step 1 - Choose from the mentoring options below 

Start by choosing one of the two session options at the bottom of the page and complete the purchase form.


Step 2 - I'll email you within 24 hours too: 

Setup a time for our pre-meetup call where we'll discuss:

  • Your trading goals
  • What is your financially position
  • Age (time-horizon)
  • Past Investing & Trading Experience
  • Financial goals
  • Scheduling of session(s)


Step 3 - We'll meet via Goto Meeting. 

A recording of our time together will be sent to you after the session concludes. That's it! It's just that simple.

1-on-1 Options

1 Hour - Session 

(3) 1 Hour - Sessions 

I don't want to have people booking session 6-12 month into the future so when about 2 months out is filled I'll replace these links with a waiting list that I'll pull from first come first serve.  

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