Hedge Fund Manager - Award Winning Teacher/Mentor

Work 1-on-1 with Dale

"I am so proud of the success that my students have using the Options Infinity system to crack the code of short term trading. But what about your long-term goals? Work with me one-on-one to develop a personalized and perennial strategy so, together, we can bring the hedge fund to your home office."

The Process


Step 1 - Purchase a Mentoring option below.  

Available as a single 1 hour session or a set of three 1 hour sessions at a special bundled rate.


Step 2 - Pre-Session Call. 

Within 24 hours of purchasing, you will receive an email to schedule a pre-session call.  This will be an informal discussion to help me get to know you and your trading goals before our official mentor session.

  • Your trading goals
  • What is your financially position
  • Age (time-horizon)
  • Past Investing & Trading Experience
  • Financial goals
  • Scheduling of session(s)


Step 3 - Trading Session

We will spend an hour together on GoToMeeting analyzing your current trading system and strategizing on what changes can be made in order to help meet your goals.  A recording of our session will be sent to you afterwards for reference and review.

1-on-1 Options

1 Hour - Session 

(3) 1 Hour - Sessions 

"My goal is to schedule and complete mentoring sessions within a 2 month period.  If this is not possible, you will be alerted before purchasing."