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Thousands of Traders are learning the simple option strategies that can build wealth.

I’ve designed a precise set of videos to guide you through the option trading strategies I’ve refined over 30 years of trading.  Become a Free Member and gain access to the below video curriculum.


Technical Analysis

Price is the ONLY TRUTH.
(4 Videos)

Trading Systems

My 3-Pronged System to trading profitably.
(3 Videos)

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“Hi Dale, Just thought you would like to know, I began your nightly video blog almost a year ago. At that point my brokerage account was down to $13,435. Today, only using your Video Blog to guide me, that account is now worth $37,235. Not bad for 11 months. Looking forward to building this account and trading stock using your awesome strategy.”

Jim F.

Options Infinity, PRO Member

“Good teachers are hard to find and I feel truly blessed to have found Dale. Here’s all you do: you watch Dale trade, you listen as he walks you through the logic of the trade, you learn to look at the indicators, and you trade for profit and success. This is not about looking at synthetic trade setups; it’s the real thing in real time. By the end of the third month I had developed confidence and certainty about trading successfully.”

Dr. Jon Ho

Options Infinity, ELITE Member

“My wife and I started Dale’s program together about 4 or 5 months ago and it’s been going great. A good month or so ago our portfolio was already up 58% and it’s more than that now. So we have done really well.”

Leo & Linda

Options Infinity, PRO Members

“Dale’s training is very thorough and complete. Dale is always prepared for his webinars and is an excellent instructor. He is patient and makes sure all his students completely understand the topic being discussed. His instruction helped me to better implement my portfolio trading plan in my retirement account.”

Dr. David Brand

Options Infinity, PRO, SPX W.O.R.

“Over the years I’ve worked with many different investment services. I can honestly say that Dale Brethauer is the best I’ve ever seen. I watch Dale’s blogs every night. The blogs are most helpful in that they enable me to evaluate the signals that I am getting and to act on them with confidence.”

Faythe V.

Options Infinity, PRO, SPX W.O.R.

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