Option Trading made Simple

Think & Trade Differently with Dale Brethauer
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Option Trading made Simple

Think & Trade Differently with Dale Brethauer
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Learning Center

Options 101


1 Module

First and foremost lets take an in-depth look at what options are, and how they function as a trading vehicle to make us money.


1 Module

How In, At, and Out of the money options move in correlation with their underlying stock, and the important “Greeks”.



1 Module

How to setup your charts just like mine, then we’ll finish building the foundation and move onto the material that makes us money.

Trade Size


1 Module

Trading successfully means remaining in the game long enough for the system to work. Calculate your proper trade size to do just that.



1 Module

Psychology is one of the most overlooked aspects of trading success, these are the tools that professionals use that novices don’t.


1 Module

This lesson shows how to use Standard Deviation (Regression) Channels to identify extremes in price action for high probability trades.



1 Module

Learn how to pinpoint your exits using Fibonacci extensions combined with measured moves.



1 Module

In this lesson you’ll learn how to modify the Moving Average Convergence Divergence to identify big momentum swings.

Money Flow


1 Module

These indicators help to identify when cash is flowing into an equity (demand) and when its flowing out (supply).


Trading Plan


3 Modules

This three part course will guide you through the process of creating your Trading Business Plan. This was the first thing I did before I began trading and was integral to my success.



2 Modules

Learn how to use simple technical signals & E.T.F. protective put options to capitalize on sell-offs and cover your entire portfolios hard earned gains.


3 Modules

Does an edge exist when trading earnings with options? Back-testing was performed on three specific strategies the Short Strangle, Iron Condor, and Long Straddle.

Other Resources




This is where you can find all of my live webinar recordings held outside of this website.  Usually they pertain to the strategies I use in my 2 memberships or subjects that I don’t think get enough coverage throughout the trading ethos.

Blog Articles


Video Articles

You can see these video blog articles through the front end of the website by why not make them available here as well.  I’ll throw a few “members only” articles in here that reinforce the foundational education above.

Then if you want to take it a step further…

Monthly Option Spreads.

Option PRO


Seamless entry and exits using income generating option spreads.

Weekly Option Spreads.



Exclusively spread trades the worlds most liquid E.T.F. – one to two day hold times


“The profits from Dale’s strategies keep coming. It’s an ongoing income source and a welcome bit of security. There are a lot of charlatans out there. But you can trust Dale. I know that to be true. He is a totally honest guy who comes through 100%.”

BIll W. | Retired Minister

“Hi Dale, Just thought you would like to know, I began trading your system almost a year ago. At that point my brokerage account was down to $13,435. Today, only using your Session Review to guide me, that account is now worth $37,235. Not bad for 11 months. Looking forward to building this account using your awesome strategy.”

Jim F. | Entreprenuer

“Applying your unique use of commonly available chart indicators, I have been able to avoid many bad trades. I review trade recommendations by various trade services. Based on Dale’s use of indicators, their recommendations are generally 95% wrong. Their recommendations are ready to go in the opposite direction of where they are predicting. This alone makes Dale’s teachings invaluable.”

Rob D. | Professional Trader

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