Have Questions?

How do I update my billing information, and cancel if its not for me?

Simply login to your members dashboard and at the top of the page click “Billing/Cancel.  You can update billing, see what programs your a member of, and cancel the use of a single program or multiple programs. its all there.

Are there Membership Contracts?

No Way. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account anytime & for any reason.  Note:  If you do cancel you will be able to continue use of your account until the current cycle is over.

When do you update your information?

Every trading day. That’s Monday through Thursday & Sunday.  We’re continually getting better through contact with our members.  Expect changes and features you suggest to be added right in front of your eyes.

May I change Programs?

We’re not about buyers remorse, we’re about delivering you MAXIMUM value. If you’d like to change programs, simply cancel one and add another all from within your members dashboard.

What if I don’t Live in the U.S.

We have members located all over the world, we even have some perpetual travelers who still hook in to get our daily trades and updates.

How does the Free Membership Work?

Your free membership does not expire, has no hidden costs and includes all core features. Our mission is to change the world of investing and it’s our free gift to you.

What are my secure checkout options?

All major credit cards are accepted through our secure checkout page equipped with an industry leading 256-bit encryption.

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