The SPX W.O.R. Program deploys short term credit spreads on the the SPX Index using weekly options.  Uses a High probability entry and exit system with real time alerts.

8/20/17 | SPX W.O.R. is Accepting New Members

Program and System Overview +
Interview With Program Member Steve S.


SPX W.O.R. | Closed Trades Past 90 Days

Interview With Program Member Steve S.
Entry DateContractEntry Price (credit)Exit DateExit PriceProfit
9/256 Oct 2500/2495p$0.70 (C)10/2$0.05 (D)$0.65
9/266 Oct 2465/2460p$1.90 (C)9/28$1.10 (D)$0.80
9/2129 Sep 2535/2530c$0.60 (C)9/22$0.15 (D)$0.45
8/1725 Aug 2400/2395p$0.80 (C)8/22$0.15 (D)$0.65
8/918 Aug 2440/2435p$0.70 (C)8/15$0.40 (D)$0.30
8/818 Aug 2505/2500c$0.80 (C)8/11$0.00 (D)$0.80
8/211 Aug 2445/2440p$0.70 (C)8/4$0.30 (D)$0.40
7/274 Aug 2465/2460p$0.75 (C)8/4$0.05 (D)$0.70
7/1221 Jul 2475/2470 c$0.75 (C)7/19$1.90 (D)($1.15)
6/2910 Jul 2395/2390 p$0.90 (C)7/7$0.05 (D)$0.85
6/2810 Jul 2400/2395p$0.75 (C)7/7$0.10 (D)$0.65
6/1928 Jun 2470/2465c$1.15 (C)6/21$0.30 (D)$0.85
6/816 Jun 2440/2435p$2.35 (C)6/13$2.35 (D)$0.00
5/232 June 2425/2420c$0.70 (C)5/30$1.35 (D)($0.65)
5/1019 May 2425/2420c$0.65 (C)5/17$0.05 (D)$0.60
5/819 May 2425/2420c$0.70 (C)5/17$0.05 (D)$0.65
System Stats

Average Return/Trade


Actual 78.1%

Average Hold Time (days)

Percent Winning Trades


Actual 67.8%

SPX Weekly Options Regression Computer Learning example
4 Video Courses to mastery.

Part I:   W.O.R Overview
Part II: Verticals and Rules
Part III: Entry and Exit
Part IV: Performance

SPX Weekly Options Regression Computer Learning example
NEW* Nightly Session Review.

Nightly system and trade
analysis by Dale.

New Feature!
Real Time TEXT Alerts.

You can trade from anywhere,  and we’ve made it easier than ever to get the real time information you need.
SPX Weekly Options Regression Computer Learning example
Once a month Live Q&A Sessions.

Every third Wednesday of the month join a Live webinar hosted by
system creator Dale Brethauer for Q&A and ongoing education.

SPX W.O.R. | Session Review Examples

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SPX W.O.R. Alert System

+ 4-Part Comprehensive Video Course

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