Options 101


Option Trading may seem complex at first,  but once you understand the playing field it becomes second nature.  Our Strategy Course walks you through this world in an extremely easy to learn format.

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Directional Trades


Learn top to bottom how to trade directional Call & Put options using probability based technical analysis. These strategies have been proven through 2 decades of historical data.

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Credit Spreads


Credit Spreads are an incredibly powerful option strategy that allows you to play the role of the casino, making money off the passage of time with probability in your favor.

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Option Trade Lifecycle


Case Studies?? Please…This 4 part video series documents a live Iron Condor Option Credit Spread Trade we executed.  V1: The Entry,  V2: Trade Management, V3: Adjusting the Spread,  V4: Exiting the Trade (+12.5%)

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Precision Entries and Exits


Constantly get stopped out just to have a position reverse and follow through to your target?  Our entry rules take guessing our of the picture.

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1 Fundamental Metric


We don’t trade just any equity options.  Learn 1 simple, fundamental metric, that uncovers a small group of stocks that leave the S&P 500 in the dust.

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PRO Trading Video Blog | Examples

This is the main feature I provide for my members on a daily basis.  Here’s some samples to see what we’re all about.

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F. Vorderstrasse' Testimonial

“THANK YOU DALE!! I have been a student of Dale Brethauer’s for a brief four months and in this short time I have come to realize that Dale’s strategies work!My interest and experience in trading the markets go back over 50 years. In this time I have traded all types of markets under all types of conditions. Over these years I have also worked with many investment services each promoting its own strategy. After all of this, I sincerely believe that I have found a trading program that really works.”

M. Saye' Testimonial

“In an individual trader’s world filled with hype, never ending ‘special offers’ and frustration from tantalizing false claims; I am relieved to have finally found a mentor and education I believe in by becoming a student of Dale Brethauer. After trying many systems, services and ‘Grail’ indicators, I can tell you that this coaching program makes sense, focuses on what rally matters, including trading plans and money management, and is applicable to various trading styles and strategies. We are shown some fish while being taught to fish and it is this learning experience that differentiates this program from all others. Dale is very approachable in webinars, by email and phone and is always willing to assist when you need extra help. Not only this, but because he archives all of his webinars and updates, you can watch and learn at your convenience. Dale genuinely wants us to succeed and is one of a very few instructors in this industry that I can say I trust explicitly.”

Addison's Testimonial

“Dale, I just wanted to tell you again how much I really consider myself extremely blessed to have been put with you as my coach. This was absolutely the best investment of time and money that I have ever done for myself. Of course I am very thankful for my marriages, children and my job in the military and American Airlines but this has been, for me, like getting the Masters degree that I always wanted to get. Thank you my dear friend and I look forward to playing more golf with you in the future. Sincerely, “

Martin S.' Testimonial

“… If you are looking for an experienced, honest and thorough guide to put you on the path to trading success and provide you with solid, easy to follow stock and option trading strategies, Dale Brethauer is your man! Thank you Dale, for sharing your wisdom with me! I’m looking forward to many years of successful trading and to staying in touch and sharing my ideas with you and the growing community of Dale Brethauer alumni.”

Surender S. Testimonial

“I signed up with Dale and the strategies he presented were fascinating, very low risk, stress free trading, 10 years of growth, minimal draw downs and best of all a plan and road map to follow. It was like cloning someone’s success with the inventor of the strategy with you to pull you back from taking wild risk and conform to success track.”