Weekly Options Trading System - Quick Huge Profits

Quick Trades. Huge Profits

Monthly Income Trading System - Theta Trading Mastery

Create Passive Income
Big Swing Trading System - Big Green Trend Following

Big Swing Trading System

Big Swing Trading is a incredibly effective, low time intensive way to trade your portfolio.  Maximize returns while mitigating risk and leave the downturns to the amateurs.

Follow the Trend

Trading Psychology Course

Learn The Secret
Weekly Options Trading System - Options Infinity

The best way to trade weekly options is to wait for a squeeze in volatility and place a strangle position (call and a put at different O-T-M strike prices) and wait for the breakout explosion in either direction.

This four-part DVD course will teach you how to profitable trade the trend with either calls or puts.

Trading Psychology - Options Infinity

This four-part series deals with everything but the trade entry.  It is about self-discovery and moving yourself to a point from which it’s possible to be a successful trader for life.

Monthly Income Trading System - Meet the Family

This four-part DVD course will teach you how to sell deep out-of-the-money options (with protection) to generate monthly income.

This Is My Story

“I have been a professional stock investor/trader for 30+ years.  I am a hedge fund manager and trading webinar host on tradeMonster.com/optionsmonster.com.  I am also Founder of Brethauer Option Mentoring a stock education website and have mentored individuals throughout the globe.  My many portfolio’s consist of stock, cash and option strategies: calls and puts, vertical spreads, iron condors and strangles.  I have put together four incredible Trading Systems to teach you exactly how I trade my own money. They are now available to anyone to help take your trading to the next level.” – Dale Brethauer

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